Lindarets Remount 22

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Meet the ReMount.
"Ten Best Cycling Products of 2015:  This thumb-size plug of plastic is one of the simplest and most ingenious little gadgets we’ve seen...  It puts many levers into a much more ergonomic position, so you don’t have to reach or unwrap your hand from the bars to lower the post." -Outside Magazine
"The new Lindarets ReMount is an ingenious little 20g add-on that moves existing dropper post remotes into a new position that’s not only closer to your thumb but feels more natural to use, too..." -BikeRadar
"By they end of [the first] ride I was more comfortable with the remote in its new home than I was after a year of using it in its old spot. Not only is it much easier to get to, it’s a more natural thumb action with faster engagement."
Here at Lindarets, we love our dropper posts.  Their remotes?  Not so much.
It's not that they're bad- just that manufacturers' need to accommodate front shifters invariably leads to compromise.  The result is levers that sit out of reach, force the hand to unwrap from the bar, and ask the thumb to move in strange ways.
The ReMount 22 addresses these issues by turning most cable-actuated dropper remotes on their side.  When used with one-by cockpits, this moves the remote lever from inboard of the brake lever to roughly where a front shifter's thumb paddle would normally sit. The ReMount's generous 30mm length and offset clamp allow you to find a remote position that keeps more of your hand on the bar and more of your mind on the trail.
The ReMount 22 is proudly made in the USA of sturdy, chemical-resistant Delrin, which -compared to CNC-machined aluminum- reduces the liklihood of handlebar damage in the event of a crash.  A stainless steel screw and precision brass insert will work smoothly and look good for years to come.
*Please note: We do not recommend the ReMount for use with RockShox Reverb remotes at this time.

Weight: 20g
Minimum Operating Temperature: The ReMount is built from materials good to -20°F/-29°C. (Below that, you can blame us if you want to stay inside.)
The ReMount mounts securely to all standard (22.2mm) mountain bike handlebars.
The ReMount is designed to work with cable-actuated dropper and shock remotes with pivots parallel to the handlebar center.

Brand Lindarets
Unit Of Measure 1

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